What I Wish…

by adustyframe ~ August 4th, 2014

I wish that no one ever had to hurt again!

I know that is unrealistic. I seem to have unrealistic wishes. When I was a little kid, my mom would ask what I wanted for Christmas and I’d say, “I want everyone in the world to know Jesus.”

She would say, “Well that’s nice but I mean something I can buy you at the store.”

I really do wish no one had to hurt. I feel like we have hurt enough for everyone so life should just be smooth sailing for the entire world from here on out!

I hear people I know share things that have broken their hearts and I hurt and I wish I could stop their pain.

I read things online and I  wish I could take their hurt away.

I hate that there are so many hurts in this world.

It’s not that I think I’m some super human that could just shoulder everyone’s pain. It’s just that I know how hard it is to be in a place where everything hurts and the work of living takes so much out of you.

But then I remember how near the Lord was to me in our hurts. I remember how much I came to depend on him. I remember those who came along side of me and helped me carry my hurts.

And I know that in this world there will always be trouble, hurts, and sadness. I know that God wants to be near to them. God wants them to grow and depend on Him. God has people to come alongside of them and help them shoulder their burdens too.

I just wish….


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  1. Barbara H.

    I know what you mean. My husband was going over some of the events going on in the world today, and we know so many people going through their own personal crises. It’s overwhelming sometimes – for us. I’m thankful we can keep casting our burdens on Him. Sometimes I wish He’d just remove them so we’d have no burdens to cast – but I know that won’t happen til heaven and He’ll give us His grace in the meantime.

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