Baby Sign Language

by adustyframe ~ August 8th, 2014

I mentioned in Nathan’s 1st birthday post that we do baby signing with him. I did it a little bit with James but didn’t really have the resources I’ve found to use with this guy.


Right now he can sign these signs~ eat, milk, dog, kitty, more, please, thank you, all done.

Thank you is his new word so we’re still working on that one.

I found this great website online. If I want to know how to say something, I check out the video for that word.

I found these two board books that are helpful too.

I’m not trying to teach him to be fluent in sign language by the way. I mostly want to help him be able to communicate some every day words.

I have to admit that it’s really cute to see him signing “milk” as he scoots across the house to find me so he can nurse.

The other cute one he does is dog. The neighbors have a dog and he says “woo woo” but he makes  a little “woof” noise. I showed him the dog sign once or twice and one day while I was changing his diaper, I asked him “What does a dog say?” He made his little noise AND did the dog sign. Of course that made me pretty excited!

Another instance where he uses it is when he’s eating. When he’s full, he often does the “all done” sign before he says anything. He kind of says, “aww duh”  🙂 but when he signs that I know he’s full even if he doesn’t say anything.

I didn’t teach him mom or dad because he’s said those words for quite awhile and knows how to get across which parent he’s looking for!

I borrowed a DVD from this series from a friend. It’s cute but I don’t really want to buy them. I need to check if the library has them.

Have fun helping your baby (or kiddos you watch or are around) learn to sign.



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  1. J-

    Thank you!!! I was able to check out the Signing Times DVD from the library. I think it’s too expensive to purchase, but I can’t keep it borrowed all the time 🙂 so I’ll check out some of the other resources you mentioned. Our LO does have some speech delays, but my main motivation is for him to be able to communicate as early as possible, even before he has the spoken words, in order to reduce frustration. I love hearing how Nathan is doing with it. THanks again.

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