My Garden Is A Pinterest Fail

by adustyframe ~ August 10th, 2014

We’ve had a garden most of the years we’ve been married. Sometimes it was a small flower bed size garden and a few years, I had 3 small flower bed size beds… the front yard!

The back yard was too shady so the only spot we had was the front yard.

A couple years ago, we removed trees (rotting) and Lee put in new grass. I could finally have a big garden!

garden 3

Then I found out that I was having a baby in the middle of the summer and I was not interested in having produce needing to be preserved when I had a brand new baby. We planted a couple things but it didn’t work great and that was that.

So this year was the year! I was so excited. I made a list and went to our favorite garden nursery and bought everything.

garden 4

James helped me plant and lay things out just right.

Then it rained…..and rained…..and rained…..

The entire garden was swamped. The entire garden got swamped more than once in June. I was so upset!

I just decided whatever happens would happen. It’s the 1st year so I knew there would be more weeds and stuff to figure out but I wasn’t counting on the swamping.

Everything shifted and some things never recovered…..and the WEEDS. OH MY THE WEEDS!

I just gave up on the weeds–seriously I did. I go out and pick the tallest ones and clear a bit around some of the plants. Lee took the weed whacker into parts that had stuff that either shifted or died….he took out my dill too!


I take the baby out and put him on a little car he has  or in his stroller but it’s not too long before he needs something so I just work in short bursts. This is why I just totally gave up on making it look decent or caring that I don’t get it all weeded.

garden 9

I read something by Ann Voskamp recently about not judging and something about not having a perfectly weeded garden. HA! I don’t think she meant my poor garden. I’m afraid I judge myself about it!

garden 7

I’m kind of embarrassed about it. But I can’t change it now! I have been getting zucchini , hands full of beans (which I just steam and give to the baby), a tomato here and there and cucumbers. I have an egg plant forming and more tomatoes. Hopefully, I’ll have potatoes–they are the worst looking part of the garden. My lettuce and kale is just completely surrounded by some sort of grass and I gave up on that.

garden 5

James and I planted 2 long rows of potatoes. Lee hauled seed potatoes for a company and they gave him 2 bags of potatoes and we decided to put them in the garden. Believe it or not they shifted in the swamping. I didn’t think they would because they are quite a bit deeper than seeds…..

My 2 long rows of potatoes came up 2 plants at one end and a huge mess of plants in a big pile at the other end of the garden. I didn’t even hill them up because it’s so full of weeds….we’ll see what happens.

garden 11

(sigh….yes these are my potato plants hiding in those weeds)

Early this spring, I told Lee, “I want a cute garden just so you know. I’ll be working on it over the next years to add pretty things.” He thought that was a waste of time but I told him it was important to me.


Check out my garden board on Pinterest so you can see what a great big old fat Pinterest fail my garden is. All these cute ideas and things I wanted to incorporate in my garden.

My intention for the stump was to put a big pot of flowers on it, or a bird bath or something. The silly thing keeps trying to grow and green shoots keep popping up. I gave up on that for right now.



garden 12
We tried corn for the first time. It at least looks like it wants to do something.

garden 2

We tried watermelon but something keeps eating the blooms so I haven’t even seen a baby watermelon trying to grow. It’s too late now but I think it would be fun if we could at least get a tiny one to grow. Something is eating my purple beans too. Usually, they grow up the things I place around them but this year they are short and I just get a few now and then. The other day, I went out and a section of them had been nibbled down to the stems.

The sunflowers are starting to hide the compost bin. That’s why I planted them there so that’s good. This photo shows that my garden is a Pinterest fail to the max!

garden 6

At least I have this little cutie out there to help me. He adds class to the joint! 😉


5 Thoughts Shared to My Garden Is A Pinterest Fail

  1. Susanna

    I would say that is a real life garden…….p.s- at least you tried to plant things…..mine looks worse!

  2. Kim

    Hey it looks pretty good to me, and you are getting food, so it can be a complete failure, right? I always treat the garden as an experiment each year, some years it goes well, other years not so much. For me it is about the process and enjoyment, and the food grown is the bonus.

  3. Angela

    Oh well- you just have to plan for next year- Gardens are long term investments- you can’t get too bummed out by one bad year- the important thing is just to keep plugging away at it- at least that’s what I tell myself when the weeds start growing…

  4. Lisa Beth W.

    Just pretend it’s one of your kids’ gardens and be as enthusiastic about every little bit of produce you get as if it was theirs. 🙂 Works for me. 🙂

    haha that made me laugh 😉 The weeds have gotten BIGGER!

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