Swim Diapers~Money Saving Tip!

by adustyframe ~ August 25th, 2014


You may already know that you can wash and reuse disposable swim diapers. In case you didn’t know this, check out this article.

However, I have a better tip that is cheaper than rewashing swim diapers and cheaper than buying a special swim diaper from a cloth diaper company.

Use a pocket diaper without an insert for your swim diaper!

In English, (not diaper lingo…)

Pocket diapers are a cover with a pocket that you put an insert inside of to absorb when baby pees. Here is an in depth explanation in case you want to know.

I use pocket diapers at night with 2 inserts and they work great!

But to use it as a swim diaper, just put the diaper on baby without an insert. You don’t want/need to absorb anything.
Swim diapers are just to catch the poo and a cloth pocket diaper does this just fine.

You don’t have to be a cloth diapering mom to enjoy this tip!

You can find two inexpensive brands on eBay…Alva or Sunbaby. (the photo above is actually not a pocket diaper….it’s a cover… but I didn’t have a photo of a pocket diaper and I wanted to get this posted!)

How does this save you money?

1. You can find this diaper from about $5-$8 each. You may want to purchase 2. This is a little less than 1 package of swim diapers cost.

2. The pocket diapers fit baby from about 8-36 lbs. Yes you read that right…..you don’t need to keep buying another pocket diaper when they grow. This is it. Even if you wash and reuse disposable swim diapers, you have to buy another package when baby grows.

3. Wash and hang to dry and use again and again and again!


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