Road Trip

by adustyframe ~ August 29th, 2014

We’re preparing to take a long road trip this week! We’re excited about lots of days together.

I’m hoping the baby does well. I’m hoping it’s not too hot! I’m hoping my back behaves itself! I’m hoping for lots of fun family time!


I may post a thing or two once in awhile but if I don’t please don’t worry about us….we’re just hitting the highway! One of the bonuses of homeschooling is that we can take this very late vacation and not miss any school!


Did you take any road trips this summer? Where did you go?


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  1. J-

    Oh, I hope you all have a GREAT time! We made the 600 mile drive to TN when our little one was 7 months old. Thankfully he slept, as long as the car was in motion. We quickly learned that he wouldn’t focus to take a bottle if we tried to feed him while we were stopped. (Instead he watched the cars & trucks going by.) So, I would sit in the back and hold the bottle in his mouth while DH drove. The hardest part of the trip was that it messed up his sleep schedule. ENJOY!!!

    I’m worried about the sleep schedule some but he’s a pretty easy going baby–hopefully it will be good!! I nurse him still so he’ll definitely have to figure out how to eat while we’re stopped!

  2. Barbara H.

    Hope all goes well! No road trips for us while Jim’s mom is here.

  3. Susanna

    No road trip (not brave enough with a 3 month old- although we have done 4 hours already with her)but a little holiday at the end of September- looking forwards to 4 nights away from home!

  4. Chava

    I hope y’all have a great time! 🙂 We didn’t take a road trip per se but we went from Gray GA to Milledgeville and I forgot how loooooong that trip was lol!

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