Traveling With Baby

by adustyframe ~ September 2nd, 2014

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We don’t take too many road trips and the ones we’ve taken have been short–a couple hours or less.

When James was a baby, we flew for all our vacations. Baby Nathan went on a 3 hour road trip with my sister and I in the early summer but that’s it.

I’ve been working for several weeks getting things together and I’m hoping I did a good job.

Baby is almost 14 months old, so these ideas are more for a young toddler. When we get back, I’ll try to report on whether or not everything worked like I hoped it would.

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1. This tray looks like a good idea. I think it will be good for him to have a flat (ish) surface to set toys on or snacks.

2. His poor little head flops to the side when he falls asleep, so I’m hoping this super cute pillow will make him more comfortable.

3. A couple new toys and a new book….a flashlight, a travel aquadoodle, and a monkey book with a finger puppet. Baby LOVES monkeys…he calls them “money”. Oh and by the way, he doesn’t really color yet (eats the crayons…..) but the aquadoodle just uses water in a little pen. I think with supervision he will enjoy it.

4. We borrowed a DVD player for all of us. We got some old movies and movies we have been wanting to watch. For baby, I got one of James old favorites from many years ago, Elmo’s Magic Cookbook. I don’t plan to have baby parked in front of the DVD player for the whole trip, but in case of emergencies I’m all for it!

5. Old favorites…his blanket, books he loves, his stuffed monkey, some of his balls, and other fun things he already loves. I did not pack loud toys though!

6. Disposable bibs and take and toss cups. I don’t necessarily plan to toss the cups, but if I lose one I won’t be upset.

7. Healthy treats… he also likes Happy Baby puffs and we got some baby food pouches just for travel.

8. Window shades!

9. Baby apps for the phones….I’m not sure what Lee loaded in his phone so if any of them were really good, I’ll let you know.

10. The cd he listens to at night loaded into James’ iPod…he said, “Mom if my friends see that on my playlist I’ll be embarrassed.” Oh well at least baby will sleep!

I looked on Pinterest and got some great ideas…one was a pad of post it notes for baby to rip apart. I know it will be a mess to clean up but I think it will help him have fun and if he’s restless anything new to distract him should help.

Of course diapers and wipes…definitely using disposables on the road….and a zillion other little things!


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