Back To School….

by adustyframe ~ September 4th, 2014

Oops…..not yet!

Normally, we start school the day after Labor Day but we are on vacation. Many parts of our trip are super educational and historic so I don’t feel badly at all!

I have the books to get started. I have the basic plans for the year.

I have not scheduled the first couple of weeks. I have not cleaned off the school shelf (UGGGG).

I just decided it’s fine. When we get home, we’ll hit the books and it will all work out!

I do feel a little behind the times and unorganized this year. It’s a combination of lots of things but I hope to pull myself together and get things off to a great start soon.



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  1. Sally Martin

    I think your trip is very educational. Also what a wonderful family time.I bet you have learned new ways to keep baby happy most of the time. Very happy for you.

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