We Don’t Qualify For the Food Pantry

by adustyframe ~ September 12th, 2014

James worked with the homeschool group yesterday at the food pantry. It’s the same food pantry that we went to for years.

Every month, we checked in and were told how many items we could choose based on our family size.

We’d take our cart through and find things that we could use. I loved that we were able to pick and choose instead of getting a bag of things we may not eat.

What a blessing to put eggs and milk in our cart. Meat and produce too. Once in awhile they even had cat food.

At James’ birthday, they gave us a package with cake mix and frosting and a few other birthday things for kids.

We used the food pantry for a very long time and I was thankful every time. It was a huge blessing to us.

And yesterday, I thought, “It’s a huge blessing that we don’t qualify for the food pantry anymore.”

Sure, sometimes stuff is tight and once in awhile, I check out at  the grocery store and think “Yikes!!!” but it’s such a difference to be able to go buy our own groceries and I’m so thankful.


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