Doin’ some Cooking!

by adustyframe ~ September 29th, 2014

James really enjoyed this granola but I haven’t made it for a long time. I bought all the ingredients and today made a batch and 1/2. MMMMM it’s so good!

I started another batch of kefir for baby. I used to make it and drink it all the time but it seems I’ve gotten a bit lazy over this past year! I’m not sure if my grains will revive or not. I had them in the fridge for a long time. Thankfully, I have a friend who makes kefir with the same grains I have so I can get some from her if mine don’t “wake up”.

With winter coming, I want to do all I can to pump up our immune systems and homemade kefir is way better than store bought for that purpose–more strains of good bacteria. I did buy a bottle at Aldis last week and the baby has been enjoying it. He calls it his “moodie” (smoothie).

How is my foray into emeals?

Well, I seem to have gotten a bit lazy……I haven’t printed or looked at or followed a menu in months. I was thinking today that I really do need to get back to it. The good news is that they’re all in a file in my email box for the day that I choose to get back to using them.

Have you been cooking anything lately?



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  1. Janet

    Lizzie, it’s been a rough year here, and my cooking and homemaking is lacking. I’m trying to get it back into my schedule, because I’m so unhappy without them!

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