by adustyframe ~ October 3rd, 2014

We’re finally underway with school this year. Since we were going on vacation at the end of August, I wasn’t interested in getting started and coming back to pick up where we left off so we just started when we got home. It was about a week later than we usually start but that’s ok.

This year, James is learning about WWI. Right now he’s reading a “Horrible Histories” book on WWI. It’s a little bit of easing into the subject. Then he’s moving on to an Uncle Eric by Maybury book about the war. He’s reading the early 1900’s chapters in This Country Of Ours as well.

We may move on to the depression and WWII depending on how long that takes him.

For science, we’re doing Apologia general science for Jr High. It’s a LOT of reading, so I’m reading and quizzing him as we go.

Math is Teaching Textbooks Pre-Algebra. He had to do a few review lessons from level 7 so he’ll just be starting this next week. I realized that we can have more than one student, and I’m considering doing the lessons myself. My math skills pretty much are non-existent once algebra starts.

For Bible, he’s reading Not a Fan for teens, Scripture reading his youth group assigns, and I have piles of other studies and books. Not sure where he’ll go next. I plan for him to read about missionaries and great Christians too. I need to pick out some passages for him to memorize asap.

Spelling is still Spelling Wisdom from Simply Charlotte Mason…we’re just plunking along.

Geography–learning Canadian provinces then onto to Central American and possibly South America. We’re using outline maps and it’s kind of fun to see him progress in being able to fill them in.

We’re working through Fallacy Detective. I’m learning stuff too! I hear terms used in debates and discussions but don’t really know what they’re talking about. Now we’ll know!

Grammar—well I still need to decide. I’m leaning toward Analytical Grammar, but I didn’t order it! I need to get cracking on that.

Biography–George Washington Carver right now, Condaleeza Rice, and Ben Carson are next on the agenda. Sometimes biographies overlap with history but if it’s strictly during the time period of history, I count it for history. For example, when we get to WWII and I have him read one about Winston Churchill, I’ll just count that in the history slot and he may be reading another biography.

I’m probably missing something but I’m fairly happy with the plans for the year.

I was a hardcore Ambleside mom, but we hit a point where it just was not working for either of us. Now I pull things together myself. I still lean heavily toward Charlotte Mason and living books. I just don’t follow a prescribed schedule. I decided that I don’t have time for books that both of us hate! Good challenging books are always what I want to include, but it doesn’t have to be boring both of us to tears!

I look through Ambleside’s lists, Simply Charlotte Mason’s lists, Sonlight’s lists, Classical Conversations lists, as well as asking for recommendations from my well read friends. It’s working for us and there’s a lot more joy in our homeschool.


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  1. Jenn

    Sounds like you have some fun stuff planned! I’ve heard great reviews on Teaching Textbooks math, especially for the higher level math. We are currently using Saxon 6/5 for Nick, and Horizons 3 for Meg. I am planning to switch Meg to Saxon 5/4 next year. When we get to the algebra years we may make the leap to TT.

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