by adustyframe ~ October 20th, 2014

GRRRR……I’ve been annoyed about the laundry lately.

We have so much laundry….and Lee is rarely home.

I’ve read all sorts of ideas to help minimize laundry but it never really seems to work for us.

Once in awhile, I feel overwhelmed about it and then I just try to let it go.
It’s a fact of life–well unless we’re going to all run around nekkid….ha! There’s something no one wants to see!

I think that of course baby makes more laundry. He’s basically a little heathen as far as keeping clothes clean.

Then, we use cloth for napkins, cloth for diapers, cloth for mom (probably didn’t want to know that either), and cloth for cleaning ….so there is always going to be laundry and it’s because of  my choices that we have extra laundry. Pretty silly to allow that to stress me out then huh?

I also remind myself of what my mom used to say, “Laundry means you have a family and you can afford to clothe them.”

A family is what I always wanted and this little dirty munchkin that has added to our laundry pile is so wanted and prayed for that I guess I’m just going to work on being happy about all the laundry!


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  1. Chava

    I really feel like dragging everything to the front yard and burning it sometimes, especially on PMS lol! I know the “This too shall pass” helps a bit but sometimes I want a nice coconut drink and a beach lol! 🙂

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