What I’m Struggling With

by adustyframe ~ October 22nd, 2014

When I say “struggle” I don’t mean all out wrestling or emotional pain…just a now and then thing to pray about and deal with.

For the past several months, I’ve been struggling with the fact that our life is boring.

I see people I know doing all sorts of cool things.

*going on hikes

*taking cool trips (even just small cheap trips, I don’t mean big European vacations)

*having cool parties

*hanging out with groups of friends

*doing something every weekend that looks neat

*buying a new house, car, etc


I wonder why these things seem to cause me to struggle. I’m really not sure. If we were to be doing all those things, I would be exhausted. I’m not the personality that loves being out of the house running places all day every day.

I don’t even want to do some of the things that I see them doing.

One reason we don’t do those things is that my husband is rarely around and when he is, we rest and have “just us” family time. Another reason (house…) is that we’re working on living within our means and paying off things and being content with the things we have.

Recently, a group of friends shared updates in our lives and I must have been in one of these struggling moments because I said, “Nothing much is going on around here. Basically we’re boring.”

Someone said, “Hey for you boring must sound heavenly right?”

Then I realized that yes for us boring is wonderful. Having a calm quiet peaceful life without  drama, tragedy, trials, crisis, and emergencies is an amazing wonderful shift in our lives and I am going to ask for the Lord’s help to just embrace it.

Honestly, the struggling is/was plain silly because like I said I would be exhausted to always be going and doing stuff…..I don’t even WANT to do all that.

Amazing how our minds and hearts can get away from trusting God and enjoying the life we live when we put our eyes on others. To be clear, no one that I was watching live exciting lives was boasting or trying to make me feel boring! It was just my own silly self!



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  1. J-

    Contentment can be such a struggle for me, too. Jim works 6 days/ week. When I was single, I did, too (on the mission field), but Sunday was a workday, so I still had one day during the week off.

    And, his working 6 days/ week as a farmer is not what it sounds like. He’s home for lunch most days (except planting & harvest), and his schedule is flexible enough that we can take getaways without asking a boss. (So, why do I complain, right?!)

    I’m with you, though. I wouldn’t LIKE to do a lot of the things I see people doing. We’re both introverts and like to just be still. But there’s a part of me that feels like we’re missing out on the fun life.

    I think our Enemy likes us to complain and grumble and lose sight of the bigger picture of what God has done and what will last for eternity … and the inner character quality of contentment. (I’m preaching to myself, not you!)

    Thanks for making me think!

  2. Robin in New Jersey

    We have a very boring life here too, Lizzie. I understand what you are saying. We don’t have the finances to do anything but pay our bills and then we can’t even do that. So we stay home when we are not working and just relax and chat and maybe watch a movie. Someone told me once that we were very boring people. Made me sad. But the Lord knows and I am fine with our life right now.

  3. Susanna

    Waving to you from ‘boringville’. Status updates have a lot to answer for…….

  4. Pam

    One of the reasons I enjoy your blog is you are real and honest. I quit reading the Pioneer Women’s blog because it made me sad……and I realized I needed to quit reading about someone else’s life and live my own. I know she works hard but it was the constant rich get richer posts that did me in. She rarely posted about any thing that I could relate to…….so I quit reading it.
    May God Bless you as you focus on HIM

  5. DeeDee

    It’s hard to remember to chose contentment. When we’re home, I struggle with wishing to be involved in “such and such” like “everyone else.” When we’re busy–like during basketball season–I long for time to just be home because I don’t really like being out and about. The times when I’m able to focus on the place God’s put me for the moment (instead of comparing to what others are doing) are so much happier. I wish I could remember instead of having to learn that lesson over and over again. =/

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