I Hope It’s Ok To Ask….

by adustyframe ~ November 4th, 2014

A guy from James’ youth group said to him the other day, “I hope it’s ok to ask, but do you have a dad?”

James laughed! “Yes. He drives a semi and he’s not home a lot.”

“Oh. ok!”

James laughed while he was telling me this. He also laughed when he told me about a girl from youth group who said, “He does have a dad!” when Lee dropped James off for camp bright and early one morning last summer.

Lee IS gone most of the time but he also didn’t switch churches with us when we found a new church home a few years ago. So the kids at youth group just don’t see us with a dad.

They see James helping me with the baby and us 3 walking in or out together but they don’t see dad so I can see why they had questions.

I said to James, “Isn’t it awesome that we can say dad drives a truck and isn’t home a lot instead of ‘well….’ ”

James emphatically agreed. I think that having dad “away” and having friends ask questions would be so much more embarrassing for him as a teenager than it was as a little kid. It was plenty hard when he was a little kid!

We don’t love that daddy is gone so much but we sure love having a nice reason that he’s gone!


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