16 Months

by adustyframe ~ November 10th, 2014



This little guy is 16 months old already! I realized that I hadn’t shared a picture of him for awhile so I wanted to rectify that.

He wasn’t very cooperative with the photo taking. He grabbed his bear and said “Bee uh” (how he pronounces bear). He was throwing it around and crawling all over the couch.

Oh well that is pretty much what he does all the time.

He’s talking a lot and cracks us up. The other day, a friend was over and I owed her for picking something up for me. I handed her the money and he lunged over her shoulder and yelled, “money!” I didn’t know he knew that word.

He has a mouthful of teeth.

He loves food.

He loves music.

He takes steps but he hasn’t let go and walked on a regular basis yet.

He’s our precious little cutie pie and we’re so in love with him. So thankful God sent him to live with us!


4 Thoughts Shared to 16 Months

  1. Janet

    What a handsome little man!

  2. Robin in New Jersey

    Awww…he is adorable!

  3. Sally Martin

    He so cute!

  4. Pam

    What a cute grin!!!! I wish you would post a series of photos of him from the first to the most current

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