These Bones Will Sing

by adustyframe ~ November 13th, 2014
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We sang this song at church a few weeks ago.

I thought to myself that every time my back or neck is killing me, I should pretend they are singing to the Lord.
Well, I tried it and fooling myself didn’t work! But I think that perhaps whenever I’m hurting, I could ask the Lord to help me to sing to Him and not think about the pain.

What do you think? Do you have any tricks when you’re not feeling great to take your mind off of it?


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  1. Barbara H.

    Yeah, that wouldn’t fool me, either. 🙂 Just trying to keep my mind actively occupied with something else seems to work the best, next, of course, to prayer and whatever medication is available. I try not to take even Tylenol too quickly, but some days you just have to in order to function.

  2. Sally Martin

    Try to distract my mind from my pain by getting involved in some activity that I have to activity think about so I don’t mess up. Like recopying recipes or addresses added to address book, or writing a letter or something like that or baking.

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