Holidays Can Be Rough

by adustyframe ~ December 16th, 2014


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Before this time in our lives, I never thought about how hard holidays can be for people. I didn’t mean to be insensitive or uncaring, I just simply always saw the holidays as a wonderful time of the year.

When Lee was gone, there were 100’s of little ways the holidays hurt. Nothing could be changed about it and I didn’t begrudge anyone else their holiday happiness. It was just hard.

I’ve read a few articles lately I’ll share. I don’t agree 100% with everything and to tell you the truth some of it sounds a bit harsh and unkind. However, as someone who has written in her pain, I can understand where they’re coming from even if I don’t necessarily agree with all of it.

It’s always always always good to think about the shoes someone else is walking in and find a way to show compassion and kindness.

Kay Warren says “Stop sending cheery Christmas cards”

Heartbreaking truths singles face

I’ve shared ideas to help single moms–Christmas is a great time to think of them!!

Prisoner’s families need love and support at Christmas. I’ve shared a lot about our Angel Tree experiences. Please read it—I’m actually not sure I can read it tonight. It still makes me cry when I read the things I wrote in the past.

Take time PLEASE to find someone this Christmas season to reach out to. You may never know the difference you may make in their life.


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