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We live in an old house with three enclosed porches. One porch has stairs which have been very slippery and caused quite a few “skating down the stairs” incidents.

When Handi-Treads asked if I’d like to review their product, I said “of course!”

For some reason, I thought they were going to be stick on rubbery things. I guess I’ve seen those at home improvement stores and figured it would be the same thing!

I should have read their description!

“Make any hazardous walkway safer instantly with Handi-Treads! Handi-Treads can change almost any exterior staircase, ramp or other pathway into a non-slip surface in minutes.

The Handi-Tread solution is fast, permanent and maintenance-free. No other non-skid product works as well or lasts as long.”

We opened the box and said, “WOW!” These are heavy duty very sturdy aluminum treads. They are not simple stick on appliques at all.

They were super easy to install. James did it himself in about 1/2 hour.

They’ve been really nice for peace of mind. Many times, I’m carrying things down the stairs to take to the basement and I’ve felt like I was going to slip more than once.

We’re happy to have a great safety feature in an area that caused lots of problems before. I think it’s great that they are so sturdy but were so easy to install.

We’re looking forward to lots of years of safety!!

Check out Handi-Treads FAQ to see if they would be a good fit for a set of slippery stairs in your home.

Disclaimer~ I received a free set of Handi-Treads in order to provide a review. All opinions are my own.

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