Happy New Year

by adustyframe ~ December 31st, 2014

I’ve been thinking about what I would say to wrap up 2014.

I’ve been thinking about this for a few weeks and the odd thing is that I have nothing.

Nothing profound to share about our year. Nothing huge happened. I didn’t learn anything amazing. I didn’t accomplish any huge goals. We didn’t have huge highs or deep lows.

It just was a year~

It was not a bad year.

Our little guy turned 1.

We took a nice long family vacation–together.

We learned how to function with dad gone so much and every time I wanted to cry that he was leaving–AGAIN–I’d think about when he was always really truly gone. I thought about how a couple weeks would have felt like a piece of cake back then.

We stayed busy.

We were healthy–pretty much.

We kept homeschooling.

I got back to reading more and knitting again.

I have taken charge of some health issues that did bog me down much of the year.

As I thought about the fact that there really wasn’t much of anything to say to wrap up our year, I realized that a year that just was a plain old regular year is for us a miracle year.

Plain old boring normal life is a dream come true.

So truly 2014 was amazing!


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  1. Susanna

    Happy New Year. We need the seemingly slow and mundane years. They help us deal with the frantic ones. Xx

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