Broken Things

by adustyframe ~ January 14th, 2015

There is a certain crime show I enjoy watching. The main character on the show had a tea cup that he loved.

He loved it so much that if his co-workers saw someone else drinking out of it, they’d say something like, “ok you need to go wash that and get it back in the cupboard before he sees you drinking out of it. If you hurry, I can stall him.”

At the end of one of the seasons, the cup was smashed into many pieces.

In later shows, he drinks tea but obviously not from that cup. On a recent episode, someone gave him a present for his birthday and it was the tea cup glued back together so that it was usable. He had tears in his eyes.

It took me about 2 seconds to say, “That’s us.”

We were broken into many pieces. Sometimes, I looked at the pile of pieces and felt like sweeping them up and disposing of them would be the easiest way to move forward. I’m sure that other people thought the same.

What a messed up mess!!

I’m sure that if the tea cup story was a true life story, at some point the pile of pieces the person kept must have seemed like to much of a bother. How much work would it really take to put something like that back together to make it usable?

I had points along the way that I felt like, “This is way too much work.” “What did I ever see valuable in this pile of pieces?”  “I can’t do this anymore.” (Oh yes, I had that conversation many times–with myself and a few times, I very pointedly told God that too.

When the character had tears in his eyes over his repaired tea cup, I thought to myself, “That’s because it was precious to him.” The person who fixed it for him knew it was precious to him too.

I know this is a show but I liked the reminder it gave me.

Our family and marriage was a pile of broken pieces and putting it back together to be usable felt like just too much work. But I’m so thankful that God held us together while He glued the pieces back one by one.

The gluing was a long hard process and the pressure applied while the glue dried hurt sometimes. But He knew we were precious and worth saving and I’m so thankful.

Sometimes, I don’t quite think we’re a finished product yet. When things are glued back together there are often rough edges and seams that need more attention. I think that we find ourselves in this place on a sort of regular basis. Some things need to get smoothed out and maybe the glue is still drying in some areas. But this gift of a pieced back together family is so precious to me.

I’m thankful  that God didn’t toss our pieces aside.



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  1. J-


  2. Barbara H.

    That’s a neat analogy. No, none of us is a finished project yet – not til we get to heaven.

  3. Meg

    Beautifully said, and a great analogy!

  4. Sally Martin

    I love this! I love you all. I Thank God he didn’t throw the clay of your lives and family away!

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