by adustyframe ~ January 29th, 2015

Waiting….so much of our story revolved around waiting.

Waiting for God to do a miracle in our marriage.

Waiting for a change in my heart.

Waiting for my husband to serve his time.

Waiting til he could be home.

Waiting for him to find someone willing to hire him.

Waiting as we put the pieces of our lives back together.

Waiting for a baby.

Today, I was cleaning in the basement and found a bag of letters he received while he was incarcerated. It’s stuff I haven’t sorted through since the day he brought it home in a black garbage bag. Every envelope with his # on it. Every slip of paper reminding me over and over what we lived through.

When I saw this prompt today, I thought, “Wow….I can talk about waiting.”

But the thing that’s so difficult to understand WHILE you’re waiting and so easy to see afterwards is that God is there in every moment. He’s near to the brokenhearted. He’s building the life story He chooses us to have. He was carrying us the entire time. Protecting us, providing for us, keeping us together.

God is good. He’s good in the hard times and He’s good in the happy times.

Thank you, Lord, for being real to me and letting me know you’ve always been there–even when we were waiting.


**This is my 1st Five Minute Friday….like I said, when I saw the prompt I knew I had something to say about this topic. Check out this post for more participants.

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  1. Amanda

    Welcome to FMFriday. This is how i started out blogging and now i think I might write too much!
    Thank you for sharing your story and your insight. I love how you look back and can see God in each moment. I have seen that happen in my own life as well. I hope you continue to grow and rebuild.

  2. J-

    Love your testimony of God being with us, near, and doing what we cannot do for ourselves!

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