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by adustyframe ~ March 10th, 2015

Little guy is 20 months old. I didn’t take a photo of him with the teddy bear yet because he’s not feeling great right now.

Today, I realized that he’s almost to the age where I don’t count his age in days or weeks or months anymore. I noticed this rather sadly I may add.

We’ve warmed up a bit and I can’t say I’m complaining. James considers it summer and is already wearing shorts. For the non-teenage world, it’s not quite shorts weather though.

I failed the Laura Ingalls Wilder challenge I posted about at the beginning of February. I was waiting for the Pioneer Girl book to be reprinted and that hasn’t happened (or if it did I missed it!) and I just wasn’t interested in reading any of the other books I’ve already read. So, I just plain old gave up!

I did read the 4 book Restoration series by Terri Blackstock. WOW that was good! I can’t say I’m happy how it ended but it was definitely a good series to read. James has started on book 1 which is so cool to me. He doesn’t love reading but some of these books with something interesting happening have started to spark an interest in him. It’s also neat to read a “for fun” book with my kiddo and be able to talk about it. I love when he’ll say, “That book is getting good, Mom.”

I’ve not been cooking anything too exciting.

Knitting? Well, I always have something going on but I’ve not knit anything the past few weeks. One thing I was working on was  a winter hat for baby and now it’s almost too nice for winter hats. Oh well, it should still fit him next winter.

I started getting each room of the house cleaned and organized. But then we got busy and didn’t go back to the projects. I need to get that in gear again. I’m noticing cobwebs and dirty stuff and it needs to be taken care of!

I like to work on a section each day instead of tearing the entire thing apart and having a huge mess. It seems to be less stressful that way. So some days, I may pick one wall of a room and we clean it top to bottom. The wall, the baseboards, any things hanging on the wall, and any furniture or shelves on that wall. We made good progress in two rooms and then I fizzled!

Well, I have to get some packages ready to ship before baby wakes up. Since he’s not been feeling well, he’s mostly sleeping on me which is perfectly fine….I just can’t get much done!




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  1. Barbara H.

    I wouldn’t say you failed the LIW challenge – it’s hard to read a book that hasn’t come in. 🙂 I am still looking forward to getting my copy some day – it seems like it is taking longer than it should to reprint them.

    I enjoyed that series by Terri as well.

  2. Courtney

    I read the Restoration series last fall for a book club for our church. I thought the ending was very realistic, but still sad. Sometimes it’s nice when books wrap up with a pretty bow and leave you with warm fuzzies. lol

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