by adustyframe ~ March 31st, 2015

Having a new baby gives me the opportunity to rethink my decisions on parenting and schooling.

It’s interesting to me my thoughts as I think through things I did for James and what I want to do or change for Nathan.

I am leaning toward more “unschooling” for the very early years but I’m not quite certain how that will look or if I’ll actually school that way. He’s very interested in books and language and copies James doing school work. Maybe he will be ready to jump head first into schooling right away and I’ll have to rethink my rethinking!

I thought about this tonight when I saw an article suggesting non-candy Easter basket ideas. I thought a new kiddo who’s not quite two is the perfect time to teach that Easter baskets mostly contain fun things rather than candy. However, James says he still wants an Easter basket so I suppose baby will eventually figure out that chocolate is a part of the basket.

I figure if I can keep that information from him as long as possible it’s all good.

I did cloth diaper and I’m nursing longer with this baby so those are some changes I made.

Will I be as protective or worried about things that can go wrong in a child’s life? Possibly–that’s an area I struggle with a lot. James was getting so much  bigger and advancing in Tae Kwon Do that I sort of quit worrying about him. I noticed when the baby was born, I struggled with fear and worry again. Ugggg!

So basically, I don’t know! HA! How’s that for a wrap up.

I just don’t know. Maybe I’ll do a lot of things differently and maybe I will not but I’m glad God gave us the opportunity to rethink everything again!


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  1. Susanna

    I am determined that Hannah will drink water for as long as possible…. 2 of her brothers will only drink fruit squash… Could an easter basket have a small egg and other non edible fun stuff ? I am wondering how differently I might do things this time too….if her being a girl after 3 boys will make a big difference or not. Time will tell !

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