Smoothie Bowl

by adustyframe ~ April 7th, 2015

I’ve instituted a new plan in the freezer!

I try to feed Nathan almost all organic fruits and veggies. It’s something that’s important to me–no worries if it’s not important to you.

The rest of us have what we can afford…sometimes it’s organic and sometimes it’s not.

Many days the little guy manages to chow down all the food I serve him but some days he eats like a bird.

Once in awhile, I’d save fruit for the next meal but if he refused it again, I’d throw it away.

The other day, I had a light bulb moment. 

I put a bowl in the freezer and when he doesn’t eat all his fruit, I put the bits in the bowl. When it’s enough fruit, I’ll add it to a smoothie.
No more wasting organic fruit!


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  1. Sally Martin

    Brilliant idea!

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