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by adustyframe ~ April 17th, 2015

Chat #472? I don’t know I’ve lost track.

What’s going on around your house today?

Here the sun is shining and it’s actually quite warm!

Baby has had a sniffy nose for a few days and today it progressed to a nasty nose! I’m hoping he’s not getting something bigger than a little cold.

We have some errands to run, but he’s taking a long nap. He most likely needs a very long nap but we’re running out of time for the errand running here!

James has been enjoying a game called Spikeball. He heard about it from friends at church. One cool thing about the game is that the company sends you free replacement parts for as long as you own the game. It’s become quite the hit with his friends.  (**remember if you order from Amazon–anything not just Spikeball–pretty please use my link on the side bar!)

I’ve been not doing much other than the dailies. I haven’t knit in ages even though a friend ordered a hat that I haven’t even started!

I am reading some books though. I finally finished Unglued by Lysa Terkeurst. It was good. I also have some books for reviewing to get started on. I haven’t reviewed books for awhile and suddenly I have several to get done! (What was I thinking?)

I’m reading a Dee Henderson book for fun but it’s on my Kindle and I have no clue what the title is. It’s pretty good so far.

Baby continues to chatter up a storm and crack us up. He’s very much into walking into the house from the car like a big boy. He has never kept socks or shoes on so when I found out that he wants to walk in from the car, I’ve been using that to motivate him to keep his shoes on in the car. It’s working sometimes!

We’re looking forward to warmer weather. I have to figure out what I’m going to do with that weed patch that was my garden. I’m still going to plan of course, but I’m going to have to figure out some way to keep those weeds down. UGGG.


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  1. Pam

    Happening here……on Good Friday we took our two youngest grandchildren to the playground 3&4 years old. As we were getting rady to leave I fell and broke my nose……came close to fainting…..blood everywhere…….so painful.
    The next morning two….black blue purple green yellow eyes……quite attractive……I finally ventured out on Monday…….went to the grocery store and scared a little girl who was shopping with her mom……MOMMY….what happened to that ladies face…….
    I was soooooo thankful it wasn’t worse…l..I could have broken my arm-wrist-leg…….knocked all of my teeth out…..counting my blessings

    OH NO!!!! Hope you’re healing!

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