Nailed It?

by adustyframe ~ May 19th, 2015

A few days ago, a link for a tutorial to make a sunflower wreath was making the rounds on Facebook. It’s so pretty that I figured I’d give it a try.

The paper mesh in yellow is sold out, but I heard you could try poly mesh (plastic).

I found poly mesh at the craft store in yellow, green, and brown.

I watched a bunch of tutorial videos.

I got everything prepped.


UGGGGGH. I abhor poly mesh. About halfway into the project, I wanted to quit, but I had already cut up all this poly mesh and would have wasted quite a bit of cash.

I kept going and poly mesh kept shredding all over my living room.

The poor wreath was so ugly. I kept adding yellow hoping to fill it in a bit and finally just quit.

I hung it up in the living room instead of on the porch only because it was late at night.

When baby got up in the morning, I heard him in the living room saying, “Mommy’s pretty flower. Daffydil” (way too cute by the way).

James got up and his first words were, “That looks nothing like a sunflower.” Thanks, bud!

When I moved it to the entrance door, I decided it looks MUCH better. Maybe on the porch it’s ok to be a little more rustic/shabby/crappy……..

In case you didn’t see the original idea, here’s a link showing a super cute sunflower mesh wreath.

And here’s my “daffydil”.



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  1. Chava

    I feel the EXACT way with cross stitching. I try to follow it and it comes out like something from Chernobyl lol 😀 . I think what you made looks pretty good!

    I have like half a year’s mending sitting next to me and I’m abhorrent to even try and start it lol!

    lol!!! I’m fairly crafty so I was puzzled why I was having so much trouble with this and it looks so goofy! Glad to know I’m in good company!

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