Patriotic Toddler Activities

by adustyframe ~ June 17th, 2015



Now and then, I have been getting some fun activities together for Nathan to do something different. I’m going way back to my preschool teaching years and thinking of some themed things for him to do.

Fourth of July is one of my very favorite holidays, so I gathered a few red white and blue things for him. I don’t leave these things out all the time mostly because they have lots of pieces or as you can see from the shoe box above rice!

It’s more fun for him when I bring them out for a change of pace.

He enjoyed digging through the rice. We lay out a sheet and then he and I sit down and he plays. The patriotic things in this bin are just heavy duty stickers which is weird for a rice bin but I couldn’t find other little things so I put them in there. He had fun digging through the rice finding the pieces.

The red rice was from Valentines day so I added that along with plain white rice and some that I colored blue. It won’t take more than a couple times for all the rice to be mixed up but that’s ok.

I discovered that regular rice colors much quicker than instant rice. I felt like the instant rice took forever to work the color into it and the regular rice colored in seconds.

**my super easy non-scientific method of rice coloring is as follows: Put rice in a bag, splash in some rubbing alcohol (a bit not a ton) and color and smoosh it all up! Then I lay it in a pan and let it air dry. **

Now, please don’t feel like I’m putting pressure on you to do all these things if you have little ones. The last time I got together some themed things for him was Valentines day and while I intended to do something for Easter and something for St Patrick’s day (just love the fun green stuff), I didn’t get it done and I didn’t stress about it. I was just “in the mood” and so gathered these things.

I also bought him 3 little American flags and a patriotic pinwheel that I set in a bucket for him. We had a couple books about the flag or America and I put those with the flags.

The last fun thing I did was make a felt flag kit. It keeps him busy for quite awhile.  This one is super easy. I cut a piece of white felt in 1/2, cut a blue rectangle, and red stripes! Anyone can do this one. I promise!

I store it in a zip pencil pouch that I got at Walmart for $1.


Baby is loving his American flag things and I hope it will help him be excited for the holiday.

Next up is things for his birthday. I found a little plastic birthday cake at the thrift store that looks like perhaps an edible arrangement came in it? I’m going to put the books and activities I find in there for him. I have a Clifford birthday book and another book that is about a party. I’m considering making this felt activity if I get enough gumption (or remember to get the felt when I’m at the craft store!)

I found a wood cupcake and candle set at the thrift store tonight, so I’ll let him have that with his birthday activities. I’m not sure what else. I’ll have to see what I can find.

Some days, I let him have all the things for that theme and some days it’s just one thing or two. Then I put them away so that we don’t lose them and so that they stay special.

When we’re done with this, I’ll put these in a bin in the basement for next year.

If you have a toddler, know a toddler, or just want to peek, I’ve pinned some neat toddler ideas on this Pinterest board.

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  1. Judith

    I love these ideas! I am so very UNcreative, but can copy if it is not too crafty. 🙂 I think I can do the felt flag. 🙂

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