Not Enough Primer

by adustyframe ~ July 22nd, 2015

I’m reading a book I found at the Dollar Store called “Does This Church Make Me Look Fat?”  by Rhoda Janzen.

It just looked good. It’s been a funny, light read about a girl who grew up Mennonite, left the church, found a Pentecostal boyfriend, and came back to church.

Now, I’ll admit there are a few topics and some language–I picked it up with no reviews so I’m not necessarily promoting the book.

I admit being delighted to hear some of the ways God worked in her life and heart and helped her realize things about himself or Biblical principles. She writes in a funny way even though the topics are often serious…her breast cancer for example.

One chapter talked about her step son and his bedroom. He painted 50 different ways he loved his girlfriend all over the walls. When she dumped him (actually the girls father dumped him), he and his step mom painted over the declarations of love to help him move on.

She said the words kept bleeding through the paint and they painted at least 6 coats of primer over the words and yet they bled through.

She said one day she went in and attacked the walls shouting at them as if they were demon possessed. I giggled thinking about this. Her point was that often you have to very actively work on problems in your life.

I thought about Lee and I and our marriage. Sometimes things bleed through the paint and primer. I think we’ve worked on my hurt or anger or communication issues and things are great then suddenly when I look at the wall all the things are bleeding through that I don’t want to see (or deal with again).

Thankfully, the primer we use (prayer, dependence on God, keep working on things!) will eventually cover it all up and in the meantime, I’ll think about the lady crazily attacking the problem in her step son’s room and ask God to help us cover things better with each application.





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