I Thought This Was A Bear Book~ Tara Lazar ~Book Review

by adustyframe ~ August 11th, 2015





My friend Tara’s new book is available for your reading pleasure!

I LOVE the illustrations in this book.

An alien is jolted out of his story and dropped into the story of the Three Bears! The problem  is that he’s trying to save his planet from destruction and must get back!

What will happen? Will anyone help alien get back to his story? Will anyone have to do some quick thinking to come up with a solution?

Will the readers have to help the alien get back to his story?

Hmmmm!!!! I guess you’ll have to read it and figure it out for yourself.

I’m so proud of my friend and her wonderful accomplishments. Having one book published by a major publishing house is a major feat but this is her second book. Her third book comes out this fall and there are others that will be published soon. It’s exciting to be along for her ride and see the great things she’s doing.

Since I’m her friend though it’s been an eye opener to see how very hard she works and how huge it is that she’s had her books published by respected publishers. So, if you’re looking for a book do me (and Tara) a favor and buy her book. The sooner you buy it, the more it helps her because of whatever hocus pocus it  is that the bookstores go by in order to keep her books on the shelves!

Disclosure~I purchased this book with my own money and provided the review just because I’m so excited for my friend!

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