Toddler Chores

by adustyframe ~ August 13th, 2015

Nathan enjoys helping me with chores. It’s a “fun” thing for him, but I also want him to learn to help and to work around  the house. I got him interested when I suggested I get him the best broom especially for his little size so that he could help his mom. For some reason that seemed to work for him, cleaning with his own broom like a grown up.

Here’s his list:

*Put dirty clothes in the bin

*Take dry clothes out of the dryer

*Put wet clothes in the dryer (I toss them on the floor and he picks them up and puts them in the dryer. He often gives up before the whole load is in the dryer but at least he’s learning)

*Pick up his bath toys

*Bring me his shoes

*Wipe things for me–I give him a wet cloth and say, “Wipe the floor” or whatever. He doesn’t really get it clean but again he’s learning.

*Help pick up his toys

*Put my clothes on my bed for me

*Put dishes in the sink

*Pick up the dishes or things he threw off the high chair

*Put things in the trash for me

*Help me pull weeds in the flower bed




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