A Little Craft Tip

by adustyframe ~ August 17th, 2015

I may be just a little bit too excited about this but I just realized I could send my knitting patterns to my kindle app and always have it on my phone.

When I save a knitting pattern as a pdf, I just have to email it to my kindle app (instructions for this are in your kindle account) and then I can access the pattern at any time.

This already came in handy, because I started a new project and left the directions at my friend’s house. I could have printed new ones of course, but it was easy to access it on my kindle app.


I also found an app for counting my rows. It also can be used for notes to remember for the project. It’s called BeeCount.

Have you found any cool crafty apps or ideas to share with me?


Thank You for Sharing Your Thoughts