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by adustyframe ~ August 22nd, 2015

Nathan and I have been enjoying trips to the Farmer’s Market. Since I didn’t garden, I like to stop once in awhile to get a tomato or zucchini and maybe some greens. He enjoys the music groups and the little treat he usually gets. We found a stand that sells yogurt freshly made at their dairy. He prefers the strawberry!

I did plant basil which I’ve been plucking every few days and making yummy pesto.

Last year, I planted strawberries which are trying to spread in their bed. Hooray! I also planted raspberries and they are just now starting to ripen. Weird because I thought they were an early spring crop.

We’re hoping to plant some blueberry plants this fall too!

My niece stayed with us for a few days. Fun! She spoils Nathan and follows him around which gives me a mini break!

James and Lee went in the semi together this week.

It cooled off a bit–thank you, Lord! We don’t have central air and the miserable days are just miserable.

We’re off to my nephew’s 4th birthday party today.

We’re getting ready for a family wedding this week.

I found out that I need surgery for my abdominal pain–hernias (plural) related to Nathan’s birth. Yeah (grrrr)

The pain has been knocking me flat several days a week so I feel like I’ve accomplish the bare minimum every day and I guess for now that’s ok.

I have James’ school work planned and books to start purchase, but I MUST clean off the homeschool shelf and get his first weeks of assignments laid out. I’m hoping to get at least the 1st 6 weeks planned so that while I’m recuperating from surgery, he can keep working on school!

What about you? Anything going on around your house?


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  1. Barbara H.

    So sorry to hear abut the hernias! But glad it’s something that can be taken care of.

  2. Brenda

    Our year old dog prevented us from having a garden this year 🙁 We weren’t able to get a fence up in time.
    Hope all goes well with your surgery.

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