What Are You Reading?

by adustyframe ~ September 4th, 2015

I’m working on a book James read for school last year.

Code Talker about the Navajo who helped the US government during WWII. They created a code in Navajo that the Nazis could never crack. It’s really interesting. I had misplaced the book and just found it tonight. Guess where it was? On the bookshelf (ugg)

I’m also slowly reading Anne Bradstreet it’s also interesting.

On my Kindle, I’m reading a book about a Muslim woman’s conversion to Christ and yes it’s interesting too.

Our church had a book sale  to benefit the church library and I found a bunch of Ted Dekker books that look interesting. I hope to dig into one of them soon.

I still have piles of books to read and books I’ve started and not returned to yet. I still have 100’s of books on my Kindle too.

There’s never any shortage of reading material around here.

What are you reading? Is it interesting?

That leads to another question……what do you do when you are truly not enjoying a book?

I usually feel guilty and think I should finish it if I started it. There are very few I’ve started that I’ve not finished.

When I was pregnant with Nathan, I was reading some book about bodies and what happens when we die and how science uses bodies. I just could NOT read another word of it and I threw it away.

A friend recommended the book One Drop to me and I read it but it was so tedious. The story itself was interesting but it was just way too long with too many details. I rejoiced when I finished that book!


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  1. Barbara H.

    I have the same book about the Muslim woman and a different biography of Bradstreet. I posted the rest of what I’m reading at a recent “What’s on Your Nightstand” post.

    Some years ago I starting “making” myself finish most books just as a matter of discipline because at that time I was too prone to not finishing. But life is too short to waste time on a book you don’t like or aren’t getting anything from, so it is hard to decide sometimes. If it is disgusting in some way, I drop it. Otherwise I tend to plod on, hoping it will get better at some point.

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