by adustyframe ~ October 26th, 2015

While I was recuperating, I did a little coloring.

I really like the art of Karla Dornacher and so before my surgery, I ordered one of her coloring books. I chose the Garden Blessings book.

I’ve used my Prisma Color pencils for years and really love them. If you like to color, you’re going to love them too. I bought mine when I first started scrapbooking before I was married and still have the same set.

I only got one full page done and then a part of another one but it was something fun for me to do while I was sitting around for hours on end.

I did treat myself to the Prismacolor pencil sharpener which I’d never owned. It’s wonderful and I wish I had purchased one years ago. It sharpens smoothly and quickly without breaking the soft pencils.

Bad news though is that I knocked it off the desk and my pencils and the sharpener went flying across the house. I found the base of the sharpener but we’ve still never found the top of it–the part with the sharpener. I think I had it for 2 weeks. BOO!

I’m still unsure how it got lost. Our house is small and it’s not a tiny piece that we lost. Oh well!


If you want to give coloring a try there are lots of free online coloring pages. Here’s one I found tonight while reading blogs.


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