Toddler Music

by adustyframe ~ November 17th, 2015

Nathan LOVES music.

He loves to play on the piano, play with his instruments, dance, and listen to music.

His current favorites are Raffi Especially this one–YouTube Preview Image


He also likes Laurie Berkner cracks him up. —YouTube Preview Image


He enjoys some oldies too which cracks ME up. You ain’t nothin but a hound dog, Lollipop, Locomotion, and The Highwayman are a few of his favorite oldies.

He and I have checked out a few jazz cd’s at the library and he asks for those once in awhile.

I love sharing one of my loves with him.


Do any of you have toddler approved musicians to share with us?


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  1. Robin in New Jersey

    Raffi!! My kids loved Raffi. A peanut butter sandwich made with jam….

  2. Lisa Beth W.

    Music by Jamie Soles, a Christian singer/songwriter with fun stuff for kids and more. (There are other albums listed across the top of the page.)

    Steve Green’s Hide ‘Em in Your Heart albums:

    Lots of classical music, marching band songs, etc.

    Toddlers are able to appreciate so much! Just a bundle of inquisitiveness, eh?

  3. Judith

    We have watched Raffi’s Wheels on the Bus. We are big fans of Barefoot Books’ You Tube channel, esp. “Driving My Tractor,” “Up, up, up,” and “We all go traveling by.” We’ve also checked some of the books out of the library. If you buy the book, it comes with a CD. Library books don’t. But the YouTubes are animated books.

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