Christmas Cards

by adustyframe ~ December 4th, 2015

Someone on Facebook posted a link a few days ago about sending photo Christmas cards. They said they weren’t doing that anymore because it’s to show off and one up everyone.

(Basically in my own words….)


I didn’t leave a comment on their page but the post bothered me.

It doesn’t bother me if someone realizes their personal motivation for sending photo Christmas cards is to show off and chooses not to send them.

It does bother me if the assumption is that everyone is sending photo Christmas cards because they want to boast.

I truly enjoy receiving photo cards from friends and family and smile many times over the sweet faces peering at me from our Christmas card display.

Many years I sent homemade Christmas cards and to be truthful I’d have felt that sending photo cards was the easy way out. It takes more creativity to create individual cards by hand than it does to take a photo and order a bunch. BUT I made them because I enjoyed making them.

When I didn’t enjoy making cards anymore I bought cards or I made photo cards to send.

I was trying to think why this person’s opinion annoyed me so much and then I realized why photo cards are priceless to me.

I remembered the first photo card we were able to take when Lee was coming home. There aren’t words that can accurately convey how priceless that photo is to us. It’s not the best photo ever and we weren’t perfectly matching or coordinated. The backdrop was a wall at church–not a vintage red pick up in front of pine trees in the wild. Just a plain old photo but it was full of answered prayers. It was full of joy. It was the end of a devastating period in our lives and that photo was the embodiment of our hopes and longings. Our heart’s cry during those years was just to all be together.

That year, I had several people tell me how happy they were to see that card with all three of us and I have to agree.

I will send handmade cards if I feel like it. I will send purchased cards when that’s what works. And if some years I choose to send photo cards, I will regardless of what some random person on the internet thinks. My motivation is not to show off or to boast. It’s simply to share my family and in small ways share the mighty things God has done in our lives.




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  1. Barbara H.

    It’s amazing to me that people assign negative motives to others. As you said, it’s one thing to realize those are one’s own motivations and to either do something different or repent of them, but to assume everyone has the same motivation is just wrong.

    We’ve always had friends and relatives who sent family photos in their cards, so I figured photo cards were just a way to combine the two. I love seeing how the family has changed year to year.

  2. Sally Martin

    I love getting the photo cards!

  3. Lisa Beth W.

    Photo cards are one of my favorite parts of Christmas! I cut the pictures away from the greetings and have a whole bulletin board of some of my favorite people to look at all year. I have never once thought anyone was showing off, even though I think the current obsession with “perfect” pictures in the most creative setting “evah” is a little silly. 🙂 They’re still my friends and family, no matter what trend they’re following. If someone doesn’t like what they perceive as others showing off, they are free to file that photo they don’t like in the round file, but they should not assume anything.

    If I got a photo card from you, Lizzie, I would keep it! <3

    awww thanks 🙂

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