The Elder Brother

by adustyframe ~ January 12th, 2016

James is reading through C S Lewis’ Screwtape Letters with a group of guys at church.

Since I’ve never read it, I decided to read along as well. As I was reading this morning, I read the letter about how to cause disharmony in the family. The demon said, “Remember the elder brother.”

Hmmm! What a thought.

So many times, we’re thankful that God accepts us as the Prodigal son. We accept His mercy and forgiveness. We attend the party thrown in our honor. We take our place as an esteemed child.
But when another prodigal returns, we’re the Elder brother. We want to turn up our noses. We want to punish them. We don’t want to attend the party. We can’t understand how God would forgive them.


We went through this a lot when Lee came home. Some people who had happily accepted God’s grace in their lives were definitely the Elder brother in our lives. It’s sad.

But what would be more sad is if after going through all that, I become the elder brother in someone else’s life.

Interesting to think that perhaps the devil uses this attitude to keep us from being all that God desires us to be.


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  1. Lisa Beth W.

    Thanks for the reminder! You’re right, we are often prodigals turned snooty older brothers if we don’t watch out and we let ourselves develop a self-righteous attitude!

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