by adustyframe ~ February 9th, 2016

I’ve mentioned my pain in the neck before. It’s from a decades old injury and it just never gets better.

I’ve been able to control it so that I can at least function with chiropractic care and infrequent massages.

A year ago, I started acupuncture and that also helps. I’ve been getting adjusted at the chiropractor far less frequently since starting acupuncture. I feel that the acupuncture helps the muscles relax so that the adjustment is able to hold better. My acupuncture treatments are farther apart now as well.

Recently, the therapist at my chiropractor’s office asked me to consider regular therapy. She said she felt that if I was getting the bad spots worked on more frequently, I may be able to have  some relief.

She’s working on releasing adhesions in the muscles. They have been injured and coping the best they can for years but she thinks she can work some of that out. I’d certainly be grateful for that–LET ME TELL YOU!


I’ve gone 3 weeks in a row for a therapy session. She finds the spots and works them and oh my! They are very painful. The good news is that I’ve been feeling less tension in my neck and back and feeling like it’s looser (for lack of a better word).

The last 2 weeks, she’s found a bad spot and hollered, “Oh my goodness!” I guess it’s bad if the therapist is shocked at them. 🙂


I’ve also been taking a supplement to help with inflammation and I think it’s helping too.

I’m praying this will give me a bit of relief so that I can have fewer days feeling horrible. It’s hard to say and who knows, but it’s worth a try!


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