So Rude? Or?

by adustyframe ~ February 16th, 2016

A few days ago, I shared my embarrassing story of the situation with my online points. I KNEW that they were stealing from me and was ready to act upon what I KNEW. Well, I ended up having egg on my  face.

I thought of another time this happened to me. I hesitate to share in case it makes me sound horrible, but  sometimes I think the Lord points out thoughts to me so that I can remember how to behave in the future.

A few years ago, during a Sunday service, I heard a commotion. There was quite a bit of noise and people moving around.

Really! That is just so rude!

I felt like issuing a “shhhh!”

I thought about how disrespectful they were being to all those around them as well as to the worship service in general.

I wondered why people didn’t have more reverence.

I wondered at the appalling lack of decency.

And then people moved a little bit and I could see what was actually happening.

Someone was having a medical emergency.

Yep! I was about to freak out over their lack of decorum when in all actually the commotion was good and necessary and right.

My opinion about the very little bit I could see was wrong. I didn’t have all the information. I made a judgement on the tiniest sliver of information I had.

I congratulated myself on the fact that I wasn’t that kind of person.I thought about what they needed to know about their behavior and my opinion of it!

And then in one devastating moment, I saw how very wrong I was.

Why do I share this? Just another reminder that the things we see and “know” can be completely different than what the truth is.

Can you imagine how silly I’d have looked if I had seen the truth about the situation and still insisted that my opinion and decision on the matter was really what was happening?

Unfortunately, we do this to people all the time. We see something and just “know” all the details and why they’re doing what they’re doing. We let them know in no uncertain terms what we think of them and even sprinkle in a little Scripture.

I think the difference perhaps is how we behave when we discover how very wrong we were. Do we dig in and insist we know what another person really meant or said or did? Or do we admit that there could be another part of the story and that we simply do not know everything.

As for me? Well, I was ashamed of myself. I asked the Lord to help me to learn to not make snap judgments and to learn to admit that perhaps I simply don’t know everything.

I’m so thankful that I didn’t actually get that rebuking “shhh” out! Can you imagine if I had and  when I saw what was going on, instead of apologizing for my judgement, I dug my heels in and accused them of a lack of spirituality or any other “sin” I could have accused them of committing?

I want to be the person who doesn’t make judgments like this. But  if I do, I want to be the person who admits that my assumptions were wrong.  I want to the person who knows that I simply do not know everything and I want to build people up and bless them with my words.

What about you? What helps you to take your assumptions and judgements  to God before you act on them?


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  1. Lisa Beth W.

    Well, even though I am late reading this post, it was a timely reminder for me b/c I was just ranting about something regarding my brother and an email reply he sent to me. I don’t know all the facts about the reason for the answer he sent me, but I was fuming anyway. My husband is one of my helpers for defusing that kind of thing, and also it helps to always assume the best possible explanation, which is generally what I do. Sometimes my temper runs away with me, though, and I assume the worst b/c I am tired or have a history with that person, etc.

    Thanks, Lizzie!

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