What I Wish

by adustyframe ~ February 29th, 2016

Even though I know it’s not realistic and it will never happen, I wish that other people didn’t have to hurt.

I was invited to a dinner party for single moms a few weeks ago. I was so thankful I was invited and that I could talk and share and laugh with them.

One thing I asked God for was that He wouldn’t let me forget what being a single mom was like and that He’d give me opportunities to encourage and help them when I can.

As I sat there that night, I just wanted to put my arms around all of them and take their hurt away. I wanted to give them a hug and say, “I’m so sorry!” and “that really really stinks” and most of all, I just wanted to help them not hurt.

I have said before and genuinely feel that I have hurt enough for everyone and I just wish no one else had to hurt. But I also wouldn’t want to take away their opportunity to get to know God better.

My wanting to take away their hurt can’t compare to the immeasurable grace God pours out on the hurting. They need to walk this path and feel God’s presence. They need to learn of Him and feel how amazingly present He is when we walk through the fire.

But I still wish…..


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