What Are You Up To?

by adustyframe ~ March 4th, 2016

We are just busy. I think since I’m feeling better, we’re doing a lot more than we had been doing. Which is good in lots of ways and tiring in lots of others.

I haven’t done much knitting lately….or reading!

I have been working very hard at eBay again and it’s fun but also taking my “free” time.

I did find an Amy Carmichael daily devotional at the thrift store and I’ve been enjoying a daily tidbit from her teaching and wisdom.

I’m also reading bits and pieces of several books–just not tons of reading in one sitting or any actually finishing of books.

I started reading one that was on my shelf for years. Growing Up In The 1850s a journal by Agnes Lee (Robert E. Lee’s daughter). It’s fascinating!

We’re still in winter here and for us that mostly means hanging out inside where it’s warm.

Lee was home for several days last week but hit the road again today.

And hmm……that’s about it!
What about you?


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  1. Susanna Berry

    Much the same. Life busyness. Have our house on he market for a potential move although it now looks as if God will have us stay put for now….but house has to stay on market for a few more weeks due to contract. Still chilly here although the children have been out in the garden a bit more recently. Constantly trying to stay on top of things!

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