Basic Necessities

by adustyframe ~ March 17th, 2016

On Facebook tonight, I saw a graphic of how prisoners receive so many things that they shouldn’t receive.

And the “they should only have basic necessities” comment.

I get that. I agree that they shouldn’t sleep on  $1,000 mattresses and have lobster for dinner.

But sometimes they don’t have soap to wash their hands.

Often they don’t have enough to eat for even the smallest caloric needs for a grown man.

They don’t have Cadillac health care–often not able to even get a pain reliever when fighting the flu.

You’ll probably never see me on the news fighting for prison reform. I don’t think prisoners need extravagance, but they need basics.

Certainly, we can disagree about what “the basics” are, but the conversation changes when someone you love has no soap in the bathroom when MRSA is raging through the facility. Or when they are so sick they can’t function but won’t be seen by the nurse because they aren’t “sick enough”.

The thoughts you have when someone you love has been there are very different and I suppose that’s a good thing. You don’t know what you don’t know and if you don’t know about prison, consider yourself blessed.

I think one thing to remember is that “these people” will someday (hopefully) rejoin society and perhaps it’s a good thing to treat them like humans so that they remember how to function in society when they get out.



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  1. Lisa of Hopewell

    Any where that for-profits run the prisons its the inmates who suffer. Yes, there are still gangs and still crime being run from prisons, but a lot of folks were just stupid–not criminal. No money? No clean clothes–not even socks and underwear. Try being an 18 year old boy, still growing, and existing on the diet of garbage food? Especially when you’ve never eaten it. Don’t get me wrong, he was where he should be, but honestly they could give them better food without really spending much more. Health care? A joke. Calling home? Forget it–costs a fortune. I was at least able to send him brand new books directly from Amazon. Otherwise, two boxes a year from the company store at traditional company store rates. Or pay $6.00 to deposit money in an account for them. And, since the judge wouldn’t give in a case with $250.00 damages he had to go straight to prison and not finish the last 2 1/2 weeks of high school to graduate. [He got his REAL diploma thru his own hard work lobbying and demanding]. They kept the $90 dress shoes he had on for court–would not allow him to change clothes (he had some in the car). He got out with $81–not even enough for a motel room. No places at half-way house because he has a middle class address. You and I, Lizzie, could go on and on about this for years. Don’t even get me started on Check The Box for a stupid fast food job. Frisch’s Restaurants does a FABULOUS job of hiring newly released men and women.

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