Driving Past

by adustyframe ~ April 12th, 2016

The other day, I went to an area of a nearby town. I drove through an area I don’t usually see.

As I passed  a nearly empty strip mall/office building, I felt my heart squeeze and my shoulders get tight.

Lee’s parole officer had been there. I sat in that parking lot several times waiting for him to come out and praying he would come out with encouraging news.

The office moved  while he was on parole and I suppose I hadn’t driven by it again until the other day.

It’s interesting how a thought, or place, or song, or smell can bring back memories-even bad memories.

Once in awhile, I have  wished they could know that we’re doing good. Lee is doing good. Our family is doing good.

But this is one of those situations where no contact and no news is the only thing we want. I just wish they knew that we weren’t destroyed and that we’re one of the families who made it.

Thank God for that!


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  1. Pam

    Amen…….I believe more would make it if they were introduced to Christ and if those working in the judicial system held onto Christ too.

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