by adustyframe ~ April 17th, 2016

Our little Nathan isn’t exactly so little anymore. He’s getting so big.

I do realize that this is a good and necessary part of life. After all, I do have a child who is bigger than his father now.

But sometimes, I wonder how can it be that my baby will be 3 this summer? That’s just crazy!

He’s a delightful bundle of boy energy. He’s hilarious and sweet and stubborn!

We’re so thankful God sent him to us.  I realized the other day that I haven’t share a photo of him in awhile. So here’s one of him being a little monkey jumping on mom’s bed.

IMG_8262 IMG_8266



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  1. Barbara H.

    Wow, James is bigger than his dad now? Those were red-letter days for my sons first when they passed me up in height, but especially when they got taller than their dad.

    What a blessing your children are. We feel the same with our little grandchild who just turned 2 – how did that happen so fast?!

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