When It Rains….

by adustyframe ~ June 1st, 2016

It pours.

Have you ever had one of those months?

We’ve had several weeks of one thing after another going wrong or breaking down or costing more than we thought it would cost.

Through it all, I’ve thought many times of when Lee was “away” and James and I lived on so very little.

Many of the things we need to fix or replace right now would have never ever been fixed without considerable help back then.

I think often of how thankful I am when  I’m able to fill up the gas tank now.

I’m so thankful that when money is tight and we have to buckle down it’s just a small thing.

In the past, our finances were so woefully small that even very little breakdowns and small fixes felt insurmountable.

But even in the lean times,  God provided for us. He met our needs and we did not lack for anything.

People shared and gave to us. People prayed for us. People supported us in so many ways.

We learned that we could thrive on very little.  We learned that God provides. We learned that He is always on time.

We learned how even the “smallest” gift (no gift is truly small!) encouraged us in the biggest ways.

We learned that being together is more valuable than anything else.

We learned that God is good all the time.

So, this “raining and pouring” month? It’s just a blip.

And even if it isn’t just a blip?  God is good.



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  1. Pam

    Having some of “that” this month too. Went down stairs yesterday to find that apparently the drain on the water softener was clogged and flooded an area of the basement……..whoa is me…….then said out loud ” this is nothing compared to the flooding in Texas “….. God is good ALL of the time.

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