by adustyframe ~ June 30th, 2016

A couple years ago, we had a big big garden. It was my first ever big garden and I was so excited.

But the garden flooded a couple times before it was able to get established. The weeds took over. I mean TOOK OVER. It was like a wilderness.

Little guy was small and I wasn’t feeling up to par.

I didn’t feel well at all last year and I don’t think I even planted my flower pots that I enjoy in the summer. Basil and tomatoes were the only things we planted last year.

This year, we have two tomatoes, basil, thyme, stevia, lemon balm, spearmint, lots of geraniums, rhubarb, and green beans. Nathan chose to plant green beans.

The day we planted them, he was poking around in the dirt playing with the seeds and I thought perhaps nothing would grow but they’re doing nicely. I also see a few beans growing farther down the garden that he must have transported.

The rhubarb is an heirloom variety that looks good! We have lived here since the day we were married and I could have had a huge rhubarb patch but every year I put off planting it or I wasn’t sure where I wanted it. (Rhubarb is sort of an ugly plant!). This year, I decided I must start my rhubarb patch so we’ll see how it does.

3 years ago, we planted raspberries. They’re a late variety so we get them in August. Last year, we got quite a few so I’m hoping this year will be even more.

We also planted strawberries around the same time and they spread a little last year, but they’re really spreading nicely and sending new plants! Nathan considers it is personal strawberry patch. He crawls around looking for ripe strawberries and picks them all even if they have the slightest amount of red on them. I don’t mind. I think it’s cute how much he loves finding a berry. He squeals with excitement and pops them in his mouth. Hopefully in a year or two, it will produce tons of berries but for now it’s just a few a day so Nathan can have them.

We’re hoping to plant some blueberries but we keep putting it off. Maybe I should run to the garden center and see if they have any left and just at least get them home and we can put them in planters soon.


What kind of gardening are you doing this year?


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  1. Sally Martin

    Only two tomato plants. A grape tomato and also a yellow low acid one.

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