How Has God Redeemed This?

by adustyframe ~ July 27th, 2016

Right before our little guy was born, I shared parts of our story in Sunday School class. 

This past Sunday, I did again. It’s the same class and some of the same people but some are different.

I shared a little differently this time mostly also including my story of how I came to know the Lord.

I told them that last time I shared was 3 days before baby was due and that’s why I cried. Well, I teared up again and laughed. I said I guess I can’t blame that on being almost about to birth a baby.

When I was done sharing, one of the ladies said, “I want to ask you. How has God redeemed this?”


What a wonderful question! I’ve been thinking of it all week.

In the post I linked above, I did share some things that I know God has done through this but as I thought this week, I thought of a few more or maybe it’s similar just worded differently.

1. God has shown us so much about who He is. He’s been made very real to me.

The verse in Psalms about God drawing near to the brokenhearted is incredibly true.

He has shown us His provision, His grace, His mercy, His faithfulness and so much more. I’ve said before and I will say again that I would never ask to repeat this trial, but I would also never ask to be the person I was before this happened in our lives.


2. I have been given compassion for hurting people that I would have never had before. Oh, I may have been concerned or tried  to help but I wouldn’t have been able to feel how deeply they hurt. I wouldn’t cry with them as I am able to do.

When someone shares with me a story that is painful, I can feel their hurt and I can offer mercy and compassion in ways I never could before.

3. I am less judgmental. To be clear, I didn’t “think” I was judgmental before but now I realize I was. I figured I knew how people should behave and what things needed to be done and I knew that “if only they would do what I do” or “if only they xyz……” I’m not like that anymore. I know from a very real experience that people can be doing everything right and people can be living lives to honor God and still be involved in a deep agonizing trial that wasn’t their fault.

4. I have a heart for single moms. I imagine people get sick of hearing it but I will always speak up for the single mom. I will always remind that “you’re not a single mom if you’re not a single mom”. I can say with real knowledge that having a husband who travels and is gone a lot can definitely be a hardship. I’m NOT saying there aren’t challenges.

I’m just saying it’s nothing–absolutely nothing–like being a single mom and I will say that as often as it needs to be said.

5. I have a heart for women who are struggling in their marriages. I’m thankful for the hearts that have been opened to me. I’m privileged to pray  and share encouragement from God’s word. I’m thankful to be able to share truth–even hard truth that sometimes isn’t welcomed or appreciated.

I’m sure there are many other ways this situation has been redeemed not the least of these is a marriage that God held together and patched up and sustained. And of course our precious little guy is another huge way God has shown His grace.

I’m going to think about this excellent question some more and perhaps I can think of  more ways God has redeemed this situation in our lives.



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