Thankful for Friends

by adustyframe ~ August 21st, 2016

I had a quick conversation with a friend online last week. She has moved away and James is taking care of her lawn.

I touched base with her to let her know we were keeping an eye on things and she immediately sent me a payment for him.

I told her  I hadn’t touched base with her to nudge her into paying James. (I hadn’t!) I just wanted her to know we had stopped and checked on things and how things were going.

She said, “I know! I just wanted to pay him while I was thinking of it.”

I’m thankful for  someone who knows my heart. Someone who knew I wasn’t being vague and trying to hint at anything. I’m thankful that when I said, “Hey! I was just checking in with you.” She said, “I know!”

It’s a blessing to have friends who believe you.

Friends who don’t read into comments.

Friends who know when you say something you meant  the words you said and not words that could be assumed.

I’m so thankful for the friends I have like this. I’m going to hang onto these dear ones and pray that I am that friend in the life of others.



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  1. Lisa Beth W.

    Yes! This is so true of friends who really know you. I’m glad for the ones you have, and also so thankful for mine!

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