Wordsmithy by Douglas Wilson~Book Review

by adustyframe ~ September 22nd, 2016



Timberdoodle asked me to review this resource and I said of course!

First of all, am I the only homeschool mom that feels her heart racing a bit when the Timberdoodle catalog arrives? Oh my! I love looking at that and all the wonderful resources they have pulled together.


Wordsmithy by Douglas Wilson is a 120 page paperback book written to help writers develop their abilities.

It is included in the 11th grade curriculum kit which you can view here. 

There are tips included to help a writer become better and each section is short and quick and easy to read.

After the tip, there is a takeaway point and recommended reading for more learning.

One good point was be willing to throw things away and that our good writing may depend on how much bad writing we’re willing to throw away. He said that when you hear a concert pianist perform, you don’t know about the hours of scales they practiced and all the bad practicing they will never share with anyone. Their beautiful performance required the hours of practicing and boring drills and things not worth performing.

Excellent tip! Of course as a pianist, I completely understand that one.

If you or your student needs help learning to write, this may just be the resource you’re looking for. Ideas and tips written in an easy to follow style that won’t bog you down. What’s not to like!?

Disclaimer~I received a free copy of this book in order to provide a review. All opinions are my own. 


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