Pumpkin Farm

by adustyframe ~ October 3rd, 2016



We went to the pumpkin farm today on a homeschool field trip. James is too old to love field trips but he went along and was a good sport.

(Plus there was yummy Autumn treats there!)

Little guy loved every second of it.

I couldn’t help thinking back to almost 12 years ago when James, Lee, and I went a couple of weeks before he “went away”. It was one of our “crowd in as much family time as possible and pretend that our lives aren’t about to fall apart” moments.

The whole time, I was near tears and felt sick. James was too little to comprehend what was going on and he had a great time.

I think I cried all the way home.

I’m thankful that today wasn’t like that. Today, we just went and had fun with friends. We ate too many calories and we drove home on a beautiful fall day not thinking about heavy things.

Thank  you, Lord.


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  1. Lisa Beth W.

    Thanking the Lord for this with you!

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