Economics For Everybody by R.C. Sproul Jr~Timberdoodle Review

by adustyframe ~ October 19th, 2016



Economics is not an exciting subject! It’s not one of those that makes students excited when they hear it’s on the schedule!

Enter Economics for Everybody by R.C. Sproul Jr. First plus is the cover….I know this doesn’t matter but I love the way it looks!

This set from Timberdoodle includes a 250 page study guide and a 2 disc DVD set. It offers 12 lessons and is for students age 14+.

This course can be counted as 1/2 of a high school credit–always a bonus for the homeschool moms looking for quality courses for their high school student. (me!)

Timberdoodle includes this in their 12th grade curriculum.

The guide includes additional material, Bible readings, discussion questions, and more.

The DVD’s include video lessons that include clips from historic events and lessons taught in a fun way. They teach students why economics matter and why they need to understand it. The lessons are fairly short so no worries that the teenager will doze off…..ok no promises on that one!

The best part? No preparation for the parent! HELLO!?!?!?’

Timberdoodle offers a Scope and Sequence you can download if you would like to see what the course covers.

Disclosure~I received a free copy of this course in order to provide a review. All opinions are my own. 



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